Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ok, So let me get this thing going. its new to me so it will take some time to refine.

I will: be posting videos on YouTube about things I like and have reviewed. Try to spread as much knowledge as I can about Vaping, Vaporizers, The Vaping community, what it is to be a Vaper, and all things related. Always pay for anything I intend to review, if something is given to me or donated for this purpose, I will give it away after the review.

I will not: have a bias opinion on anything. I don't care about fads, or whats hot. If I dont like something, I will let you know!

Now, that being said. Just because I dont like something doesn't mean you wont like it. Everyone has a different personal opinion about everything, and anything discussed here is no different. In my reviews I will not disclose but it should be assumes, everything is MY personal opinion. It is allowed to differ from yours but if it does I probably wont like you and think you are stupid. Ok not really. But its what I got for now. Stick that on your battery and vape it.... see what I did there! heyooo

This is where you can find YouTube videos from me, and other obnoxious things I think are cool. please subscribe.
woosters youtube channel.

I intend this blog to be a no bullshit, straight up information or opinion place to get and give knowledge.
In the mean time, czech out...
GrimmGreen, A Reviewer I really enjoy watching, most of the time. He knows his shit.
PBusardo Another well respected and honest reviewer. runs long for me, but very thorough.
E Cigarette Forum A very helpful place weather you are new or a veteran.
Vapers Forum If anyone knows, its them. But tread lightly...or full steam ahead.

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