Thursday, February 21, 2013

When you go to the store to buy your smokes, you want them to taste and perform just like the last pack, just like every pack. To hell with that. Get more. VAPE!

Let me break it down a bit. I quit smoking and I'm so far from looking back its not even funny. Through trial and error I have found my sweet spot (for the time being). I'm over adjusting voltage, and getting different OHM cartomizers for my tanks so the calculation of battery power vs. Ohms = a certain wattage... I want 8 watts, all the time. I want 8 wants on every drag no matter what cartomizer, atomizer, tank, clearomizer or whatever juice delivery method I'm using. There's a couple of ways to go about getting the perfect vape every time.

1. Get a good PV (MOD, personal vaporizer, ecig -whatever you want to call it. just get a good one). and I don't mean rush out and buy a new Blu set. I mean something worth a shit. A Vamo, Provari, Tesla, eVic...something that will allow you to change the wattage/voltage settings. Play with it for a while, experiment, spend $50 - $300 to find where you stand as a vaper.
2. Buy a Kick, by Evolv. here's the deal, the kick is a variable wattage module. You can place it in a mechanical mod (mod=plus size PV model. sexy right?) and dial in whatever wattage you desire, unless you desire a wattage lower than 5 or higher than 10, in any case you may be ridiculous if you are beyond either end of the spectrum!

What the kick does is supply your device the desired wattage straight across the board. Sure it uses a litte more battery power, but being awesome takes work doesn't it?! no matter what you put on top of your favorite mechanical mod, you'll be supplied with the wattage you set between 5 and 10 watts. Same hit, every vape, every time.  Tell me that's not awesome.

Evolv Vapor Kick - Manufacturer Site
Alt Smoke - Where I bought my Kick. $45

Here, Check this thing out...

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This is all still new to me so I need feedback from you people. That's right, I said 'you people'. Leave me a comment, make a suggestion, tell me I'm cool, or I suck. whatever, just get to it. I'm going to start doing contests soon for prizes like juice, drip tips, cartomizers and clearomizers etc, and you have to be subscribed to enter. So take that! PIAO-
<3 w00st3r.

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